Endorsements of Our Work

In 2004, Res Publica helped to catalyze a resurgence of the Progressive Religious Community in the US (see Past Work for more).

Here's what our partners had to say about us:

“In one year, the Res Publica fellows made themselves almost indispensable to the progressive faith community in the United States. They quickly assessed the problem, formed relationships with key leaders, and helped put in place a plan of action. Their work was unapologetically honest, politically savvy, and heartfelt. They are the best.”

John Podesta
President and CEO, Center for American Progress
Former White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton

Res Publica is a new kind of organization. It is part think tank, media center, political strategy consultancy, and organizing network. Most of all, this extraordinary group and its talented and committed members are a significant catalyst for social change. I worked with Res Publica in their efforts to strengthen, resource, network, help coordinate, and bring more public attention to a progressive religious option during the 2004 election season. The closer relationships and ongoing coordination between many of progressive religious organizations is largely the result of Res Publica's work. I found the fellows I worked with to be committed and competent - capable of both casting a wide vision and also of implementing concrete work plans. Being both visionaries and people that actually get things done is a rare combination, but I found both qualities and capacities in Res Publica. I heartily recommend them to any group that is serious about social change. They are a gift to us all.

Jim Wallis
Executive Director, Sojourners
Convenor, Call to Renewal
Author of "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get it"

"One of the quickest and best decisions I made in 2004 was to immediately say yes to Res Publica’s offer of help when they showed up in my office last spring. Their clear vision, their ability to distinguish "it hasn't been done" from "it can't be done," their uncanny capacity to spot possibility where others see impediments make them an extraordinary force for good. They steered through some shark-filled waters, overcame suspicion, scrambled up a steep technological learning curve and launched www.FaithfulAmerica.org with a rush when they convinced 100,000 Americans to join them in putting an ad on Arab television apologizing for Abu Ghraib. The progressive faith community is the better for having Res Publica playing the role of catalyst, prophet, facilitator, and critic.”

Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar
General-Secretary, National Council of Churches, USA
Former Congressman from Philadelphia

“Res Publica is an extraordinary combination of savvy political effectiveness and a Gandhi style be-the-change-you-wish-to-see-in-the-world integrity.”

Mara Vanderslice
Director of Religious Outreach, Kerry/Edwards Campaign

“Res Publica has been instrumental in bringing together the progressive religious community as no one has heretofore. Their insights into organizational structure plus individual clergy enabled them to find Not only common ground with national leaders but a way to transcend ego and begin to build a national Progressive movement with progressives and evangelicals. They are bridge builders with outstanding organizational insights and skills.”

Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs
Temple Kol Tikvah

“The Res Publica fellows have extraordinary intellectual and organizing gifts. While earning the trust of the progressive faith community in America, they helped build the foundation of a movement that will play an important role in the U.S. for years to come. Their superior analytic and coordination skills helped unify progressive religious leadership and encouraged a spirited grassroots movement.”

Melody Barnes
Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

"I was delighted that of all the players at the intersection of religion and politics during the Election, it was Res Publica who lifted people and organizations beyond their borders to begin considering the method of influence that would continually make a difference in our nation."

Brenda Peterson
Former Executive Director, Clergy Leadership Network
Former Faith Advisor, Democratic National Committee

"Res Publica has been extremely helpful in energizing the progressive wing of the faith community. Res Publica's work reflects clarity of vision, organizational capacity, and great energy and all of us who have been privileged to work with Res Publica are very grateful."

Rev. Dr. Paul Sherry
National Council of Churches, USA
Former Secretary General of the United Churches of Christ

"The Res Publica fellows were the driving force during the last election who endeavored to awaken individual religious leaders - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic and their respective memberships to confront the misconceptions about moral values which were driving the last election and provide venues for their insights. Post election, their efforts have drawn these individuals together into a broad-based coalition, being termed "A Progressive Faith Community". It is prepared to speak out on the valid moral values which should not only undergird public policy, but foster its further development. Many of us have long pursued such an agenda alone. But, Res Publica fellows have inspired us by their drive and ingenuity to become a community of voices bent on using processes designed to foster and challenge a change in consciousness among people who all too often fail to think critically about what is presented to them as a "moral agenda."

Sister Catherine Pinkerton
Senior Lobbyist, NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby

The Res Publica put us in touch with other groups around the country, and with various news sources, both national and local, which led to interviews on local radio, and with national journalists. They are amazingly versatile and hardworking. Projects that might take months for another group, are done in a few days. They are very easy to work with, and completely trustworthy. I have never encountered a group like this before. They are a rare treasure. I unreservedly recommend them.”

Charles Rooney
Catholics for the Common Good

I am all too familiar with the dysfunctional combination of lofty ideals and no real organizational skills that generally characterizes the progressive religious world. For this reason working with the Res Publicans has been an absolute breath of fresh air."

Rev. Dr. Peter Laarman
Director, Progressive Christians Uniting

“Working with a diverse group of progressive religious leaders and succesfully helping them create the foundation for a significant national coalition is nothing short of miraculous. Res Publica was pivotal in this process. With the ascendancy of the Religious Right in the political arena, the strengthening of the progressive faith movement in the 21st Century is an imperative. Res Publica helped us enormously.”

Rev. Dr. George F. Regas
Founder, Progressive Religious Partnership


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